SEA LIFE Kansas City

Located at 2475 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108 Website

Opens daily at 10 am

Pricing: 0-2 yrs: Free; 3-12 years: $16 + Tax; 13+ Years: $20 + tax (Purchase online and save a little money)


From fish that swim in the local rivers to those in the Caribbean, this place has it all! After multiple visits, we have decided its best to visit in the afternoon, right after nap time as this is when it is the least crowded! They are typically packed first thing in the morning.



There is also a 180 degree Ocean Tunnel (be on the lookout for Sharks and large stingrays!) and a rockpool experience where you can touch starfish and sea anemones.


In a large room near the end of the experience, you will find a Lego building area, a small kid sized tunnel to crawl through and sit in bubble windows that bulge out into an aquarium and also a place to stand over the fish to get a better view.



We were disappointed to find that the playground at the end of the aquarium was taken out and replaced with computer games for the kids.


Once you leave the experience, you exit through the Sea Life and Lego gift shops, so be prepared to listen to your kiddos ask for a souvenir 🙂



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