Kiener Plaza Park

Located at 500 Chestnut St, St. Louis, MO 63101 Website


Recently renovated, Kiener Plaza now has a playground area that sits just across from the Old Courthouse.  This fully gated playground has one gate to get in and out, a big perk for those with runners! Also, the whole playground features rubber flooring…a bonus for all those trips and falls 🙂

Being a new park, there is very little shade so on hot days, it is almost unbearable!

The boys enjoyed the large swing since they could both ride together!


The large log climbing structure was a challenge for my four year old, so it is probably better suited for those 5 – 12 years old.


There are multiple wooden ride on animals and chariot that the boys enjoyed!



There is also a cute wooden climbing wall that leads to a over-sized metal slide. Be warned that this gets VERY hot one warm days!


There is also a fun little splash pad next to the playground that the boys REALLY enjoyed!


This was a cute park that sits next to the City Garden, so it is a great place to visit before getting soaked in the fountains!

An added bonus is the water bottle refilling spot right next to the playground!


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