Flying Spider

Located at 14280 Manchester Rd., Ballwin, MO 63011 Website

Similar in some regards to Skyzone, the Flying Spider is a great place to burn some kid energy! From regular trampolines to their take on an American Ninja Warrior course, my boys were beat afterwards!

We visited during the 6 and Under play time from 9-10am (held everyday but Sunday and Thursday) and enjoyed checking out the new attraction.

The top picks of my boys were the zip line, trapeze bar and swing, the Amercian Ninja Warrior course (though it was a bit too old for them, so they couldn’t do much there) and the inclined trampoline that allowed them to run up the wall!

There are multiple foam pits including one that has climbing silks and ropes, however, you are not allowed to swing or climb the ropes. So I wasn’t quite sure of their purpose.

There is a lot of seating within the play area and also in the lobby area.  There are also free lockers you can use to store your belongings.


The check in process is a bit tedious as the employees figure out the systems, however, I would highly suggest purchasing your tickets and completing the liability waiver online to save yourself time when you arrive.

You have to purchase socks from Flying Spider.  I tried to use my sky socks, however, they are only $3 each and can be reused.  You may want to ask to make sure you get a kids pair of socks though, as my boys will be able to wear theirs for YEARS to come!

All in all, a fun activity that will provide hours of enjoyment…though I think it will be better when my boys are 4 and 6 vs. 2 and 4.

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