Oak Tree Park

Parking located at both at Florence and Porter Avenues and Litzsinger and Rosalie.  Website

Talk about a hidden gem! This park was recently updated and it has become one of the boys’ favorites! Now if only the trees would grow fast to shade the playground 🙂

The treehouse playground structure is unique as I have not seen it used at parks around the St. Louis area.  This is the main draw of the park for the boys…especially the tree stump that you can climb in as it features a bear head! There are leaves for stairs, a rope bridge and numerous activity areas.  These activity areas include an Animal Tracks sound board, an animal tic-tac-toe game and a couple manipulates.

Additionally, there is a swing set with 2 baby swings and 2 sling seat swings.


Another fun feature of the playground is the tree stump tunnel and “climbable” tree stumps.


As mentioned, the park does lack shade, however, there are two shade coverings with picnic benches on each side of the park.


We walked the short walking trail, which connects to Grants Trail and found the Brentwood city parks map.  After taking the trail, we determined the playground is about halfway between the


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