Spellman Park

Located at: 1 Detjen Dr, St. Louis, MO 63126  Website


Spellman Park is a hidden little park in Crestwood near Big Bend and Highway 44. There are parking lots on both sides of the park (Spellman Ave. and Tahiti Dr.)  We parked on the Spellman Ave. side which sits right next to a retention basin.

There is a small path that runs the length of the park, with the playground sitting in the middle of the park along with a gazebo/picnic area including a BBQ.

The playground consists of two playground structures, a small toddler playground and a larger structure.  Additionally, there is a swing set, with two baby swings and 2 sling seat swings and a climbing rock wall.


The park also features a tennis court with basketball hoop.


The downfalls of the park are the lack of bathrooms and I would prefer more shade on the playground.  Additionally, there are is no splash pad.

We will definitely visit this park again, as the boys enjoyed playing hide and seek without the crowds of other parks.

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