Rhythm! Discovery Center – Indianapolis

Located at 110 W. Washington Street, Suite A, Indianapolis, IN 46204  Website

Hours: Mon: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wed-Sat: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Admission: Adult: $12.00
Senior: $8.00
Student: $9.00 age 17-26 (with valid student ID)
Child: $6.00 age 6-16 (children 5 and under are FREE)



“Rhythm! Discovery Center is the world’s foremost drum and percussion museum (first fully interactive drum and percussion museum); founded by the Percussive Arts Society in 2009. Rhythm! features unique, interactive exhibits highlighting a rich collection of historic artifacts and hands-on percussion instruments. Drawing upon cultures from around the world, Rhythm! offers an incomparable experience in exploring the universality of rhythm and percussion, and its role in shaping communication, music, art, performance and society.”

We have been looking for a place where our boys could experience and play instruments as they love any and all kinds of music.  From the moment we stepped into this place, we knew they would love it!

There are places throughout the museum that are similar to a typical museum, with videos and placards explaining various instruments and their history, but our boys were much too excited to watch the videos. It was straight to the hands on music playing!

A majority of the instruments we saw, the boys were able to play (anything that is not roped off).  From a gong at the beginning of the museum all the way to a sound proof rooms where we had a family jam session!


We arrived as soon as they opened, because as much as they love music, they are not the biggest fans of loud noises. We were able to get in and enjoy all of the instruments without much to do and didn’t have to wait in line to play with anything (even with visiting on a Friday of the Indiana Public School spring break) .  After about an hour, the place started to fill up but we had already had a chance to do everything we wanted and decided to leave.

Definitely an experience that our family will be talking about for years to come! (Even hubby got a chance to jam to his heart’s content!)

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