Indiana State Police Museum – Indianapolis

Located at 8660 E 21st St, Indianapolis, IN 46219  Website


Looking for a place to burn a little time for free? This may the place for you!

We needed to burn about 40 minutes prior heading to the Rhythm! Discovery Center and hubby found this little hidden attraction.

As I mentioned, this is a free event and is relatively small, however, there was enough there to keep our 4 and 2 year old boys entertained.

There are numerous police vehicles on display, both ones from the past and a current police cruiser.  The static displays all say “Do Not Touch”, however,  there is one historical cruiser that everyone is allowed to get in.  They are allowed to flip switches and turn on the police lights and also the siren (no worries, this is a relatively quiet siren…even my super sound sensitive guys weren’t bothered by the noise).  They also had a couple trooper hats the kids could put on and use while pretending to drive the car.  Bonus the car is a mirror image of itself, so both boys could “drive” at the same time!

There are two additional rooms that feature a CSI themed area allowing visitors to do their own fingerprints and a room with a full size static motorcycle.  The room with the motorcycle also showcases many police weapons (past and present).

As I mentioned, we explored the museum in about 40 minutes.  It was a great place to experience things we don’t normally see, so definitely worth the visit for us!

*There is a donation box near the front, so we dropped a little money in as a way to support the museum.  Not required, but thought we would give a little since it was free otherwise.

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