West County EMS & Fire Safety House

Located at: 13790 Manchester Rd, Manchester, MO 63021  Website

From the Safety House’s webpage:

“Safety House was created through funding in the 2012 Proposition L bond issue. The curriculum engages children and families through interactions with West County paramedics and firefighters.

Children learn through hands on activities focusing on:

  • developing a family fire evacuation plan
  • the proper way to use a fire extinguisher
  • how to extinguish various types of kitchen fires
  • planning for weather situations such as a tornado and other natural disasters
  • first aid and poison control
  • the proper way to escape from a room by safely climbing out of a window
  • understanding the tools used by firefighters including the opportunity to tour and explore a retired fire truck and ambulance”

My boys thoroughly enjoyed this adventure! They were able to climb on a fire truck and an ambulance, push the buttons to turn on the lights, control the steering wheel, etc.

The kids also watched a short video to learn about the importance of creating a plan of escape and meeting plan in the event of a fire. After the video, the kids heard a short story on the same topic and were able to see a real firefighter dressed in their full gear in order to help the kids learn that they shouldn’t run from them in a real fire.

After the Safety House event, we took a tour of the fire station on property.  It was a great memorable day for every one!

Tours typically have a minimum of 10 participants. Book a tour by sending an email to Kelly Cobb at kcobb@westcountysafetyhouse.org.

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