Lafayette Park

Located at 1699 Mississippi Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104


Despite several visits to the park area for festivals along the streets of Lafayette Square, on this visit we decided to stop and explore what this park has to offer.

The playground area was impressive with two large playground structures, four sling seat swings and four bucket seat swings, a see-saw and a message board to leave chalk messages for other visitors.

My favorite part of this playground is the yellow, green and blue play structure.  The detail that is included just gives it a little something extra from most playgrounds. With a fish bridge (the steps to climb the fish are the bones in his body), an inch worm tunnel and plenty of extra activities attached to the sides, the boys really enjoyed playing here.

The green playground appears to be an older playground, however, the boys enjoyed the large twist slide and various climbing apparatuses.

On the back side of this playground is where the message board it. A cute idea!


Surrounding the play area, there are two stone animal structures, a frog and a turtle that the boys enjoyed climbing on.

On our visit, there were two Johnny on the Spots set up next to the playground. These were set up next to an enclosed pavilion that had a men’s and women’s bathroom accessible to the public. However, I am not sure if these were just there because of the Strange Folk festival happening just outside the park grounds. Either way, restrooms facilities are available.


Other attractions in the park include, the Lafayette Park Lake (fishing is permitted), the Revolutionary cannon display, statues of George Washington and Thomas Hart Benton, the Elizabeth Cook Pavilion and the Lafayette Park Boathouse.

This was a very pretty park that the boys did not want to leave! We will definitely be back when we are in the area! We give this park a 5 graham cracker rating!

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