Schranz Memorial Park

Located at: 360 Honeysuckle Lane, Swansea, IL 62226


Looking for a unique playground? This is it! We made the 40-45 minute drive to Swansea, IL a few weeks back to meet some friends and were very impressed with this park!

This castle themed playground had plenty to keep the kids busy.  This playground has two enclosed slides, a racer slide with three slides, multiple observation decks, a ship structure, a rope climbing wall, multiples swings including a tire swing and tons of nooks and crannies for the kids to explore.

The school age castle playground and swings are fenced in with only one exit point…nice for those kids who like to go exploring 😉

There is also a toddler playground located next to the larger playground that is fenced in separately.

This play area includes a scaled down version of the same playground equipment as the larger one, tunnels to crawl through, an adorable play bus with lots of things to help build imagination, and also 3 baby swings and an accessible swing.

The playground areas are located next to a rentable pavilion.


Across the parking lot, you will find the restrooms and the fenced in splash pad.

The boys had a blast playing in the splash pad, especially on such a hot morning.

We would certainly come back to this park, however, I wish it had more shade coverage as it sits in the middle of a cornfield. For that we give this park a 4.5 graham cracker rating.


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