Ferris Park

Located at 500 New Ballwin Road, Ballwin, MO 63021  Website

imageThis 12 acre park is located close to where Big Bend Road turns and becomes New Ballwin Road. Hidden down a drive, this playground was a blast! Lots of new features and structures that we have not seen at any other parks.

The nature themed playground/play space was a great place to let the kids explore, jump, climb, get wet and just wear themselves out!

There are two playgrounds, a smaller toddler playground and a larger school aged playground.

The smaller playground features three slides, a “shake shake” bridge, a rock climbing wall, steps and two climbing ladders.  Also, there are faux logs that allow kids to climb, balance and crawl through the various obstacles. My almost 4 year old enjoyed completing the “course” on the way to getting onto the playground.

Next to the toddler playground is the musical instruments, swing set and rentable covered pavilion.

The coolest feature of this park can be found on the path to the school age playground.  The kid operated water faucet was a HIT with both of my boys. Turn the wheel and the water flows freely and then runs down a small creek bed. They ended up soaked through and through but had a blast playing.


The tree house themed school age playground is full of natured inspired climbers, slides, obstacles, etc. Depending on your child’s abilities, I would suggest staying fairly close to your kid when they first start playing as some of the obstacles are tricky (ie, the wood slat bridge and rock climbing wall).

We absolutely love this park! The only downside of this park was the accessibility of the playground from the parking lot. All non handicapped cars park in the upper lot and then walk down the path to the park, however, the path takes you in a large roundabout way. It feels like there should be a more direct path.  Also, the restrooms are located next to the upper parking lot and ballfields.  This is quite a jaunt for the little kiddos.

All in all, we give this park a 4.5 graham cracker rating! We will definitely be back as my son has already mentioned it three times since we visited a few days ago.

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