Minnie HaHa Park

Located at 801 Old Gravois Rd., St. Louis, MO 63127  Website


Minnie HaHa Park is a large park that features three playgrounds, 3 picnic shelters, a scenic overlook of the Meramec River, river access, multiple trails and 2 soccer fields.

When we first pulled into the park, we saw the above playground and figured this was the extent of the playspace.  The play area was fairly small compared to my expectations from reading park reviews.  The small structure had two slides and a climbing area.  There are two bucket swings and two sling seat swings, a sand digger and a duck ride on next to a park bench.  There is a pavilion located near this playground area, but we warned that it tends to get quite a bit of morning sun.

After playing here for 15 minutes, we moved on down to the third playground. See the map below for further info on where everything is located.  All playgrounds are located on the bottom 1/3 of this map.

Minnie Ha Ha Park Map

We did not play at the second playground, however, it was very shady, so it would be ideal for a hot sunny day.  The second pavilion is located near the playground.

The third playground was partially shady and located very close to the river access point.  This area seemed very similar to the other two playgrounds, with the exception of a ride on fire truck and a lookout tower across the road/parking lot.  Note that this pavilion had a large fan that was on and really cooled down the covered area. Huge plus for a very hot summer day!

We give this park a 3.5 graham cracker rating. While it has three different play spaces that include rentable pavilions and restrooms nearby as well as multiples trails, we found this park to be very buggy due to its location next to the River and its propensity to flood. Prior to visiting, its best to check the park’s website to ensure that the park is not closed due to flooding.

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