Barretts Elementary School

Located at 1780 Carmen Road, Manchester, MO 63021


We decided to check this playground out on a Saturday morning when we didn’t want to venture too far from home. This playground is large and the boys had a good time playing on both the school age kid playground and the preschool playground.

The school age playground, can be reached by parking in the lot off of Doughtery Ferry Road and then walking through the open gate and turning left.  It has a large play structure as well as a climbing course and 18 sling seat swings. There is also a plethora of benches surrounding the wood mulch playground area.


The preschool playground sits next to the parking lot off of Doughtery Ferry and you will see it as soon as you turn in.  This playground has a small covered sandbox, an arched climbing wall, a play structure and another object that appears to be either a puppet show type theatre or a small seating area.

Additionally, there is a small picnic table, a Fisher Price plastic airplane and a Tonka dump truck to play with. This area is totally fenced in so a great place to play if you have a runner.

The boys had a blast playing here, however, the only downside to playing at a school is you can only play after school hours so there are no restrooms available. (Sort of a necessity for a caffeinated mom 🙂 )

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