Bounce U

Located at 4403 Meramac Bottom Road, Suite C, St. Louis, MO 63129 Website  (You can call ahead of go online to make your reservation for the time and date you want to visit)

There is another location in Chesterfield at 17365 Edison Ave, Chesterfield, MO 63005 Chesterfield’s website


On our never-ending quest to burn off little boy energy, we visited Bounce U’s preschool play date for kids under 6 with our Kirkwood Reading Club free passes.  The boys had a blast, however, be prepared for a little frustration with the check in process.

If this is your first visit, stop by the laptops on the far right wall to complete the registration/waiver information before heading to the front desk to check in. At check in, you will need your kids with you so they can put on their wristband.

At the start time, they have all of the kids gather in a little alcove to watch a short video about conduct in the bounce houses.


They will then lead the group to the first room where you will spend 30 minutes.  This room features a climbing wall bouncer, a large slide, a demolition ball bouncer and an obstacle course bouncer. (These change periodically, so they may not be the same on your visit).

This room also have a couple Rody riders, a rocking see-saw bouncer and an air hockey table.

As a side note, adults are able to climb on this bouncers with the kids. This is especially helpful with the littler ones.

After 30 minutes, they move you to the second room, which features different bounce houses.  In my opinion, these bouncers are a bit more difficult.

This room features a ball shooting area, a jousting type bouncer, a double slide and a ball hop bouncer.

While we enjoy our annual visit here, I would say I prefer a different bounce house company’s setup (see my previous blog posts) to the Bounce U setup.  It seems a bit more crowded and a bit more hurried when moving from room to room.  Also, the music was very loud when we visited, so trying to converse above the music and kids screaming was a bit tricky.

After the hour long session is over, kids typically head back to the arcade game area located in the lobby.


Bounce U also offers birthday party rooms that are large and spacious providing lots of space to house the guests and presents prior to heading to the bounce house rooms.

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