Located at 801 Market St., St. Louis, MO 63101  Website


I have driven past this park many time and I think even walked through it prior to kids and thought nothing of it. Boy, has everything changed! We loved this park!

We visited on a dreary, drizzling day and were the first people at the park. The random people we saw cutting through the park to get to jobs or stores, stared at my two shirtless kiddos like they were nuts! But that didn’t stop us from having a blast. We arrived around 10am, which I came to find out was a little too early for all of the fun.

Upon arrival, we walked past a large pool that said closed and then saw a bunch of water fountains that were running, next to another pool that said closed. Despite these closed pools, the boys still had a blast running in and out of and around the 20+ water fountains.

Then a few more kids started to arrive and my boys found a musical floor section of the park…sort of like a xylophone that they can jump and stomp on! Boy, oh boy! How they enjoyed this!


Another hidden spot that my three year old enjoyed was the little black maze that sat off to the side of the water fountains. It was just tall enjoy for the boys to weave in and out of the pieces.


At 11 am the pools were opened by employees of the Citygarden who also serves as pool oversight…not sure if they were truly lifeguards or not.

The smaller pool can hold 15 people and the larger pool can hold 50 people.  I failed to bring my youngest sons Puddle Jumper so the pools were a little nerve wrecking for me, however, they are allowed so if your kiddos need them, make sure to bring then along.


The boys also enjoyed climbing on the Pinocchio statue and the large half circles that sit near the large pool. However, they are slippery when the kids are wet.  This might be a good thing to get out of the way before they jump in.


We really enjoyed this park and will definitely be returning! We give it a 4.9 graham cracker rating.  Hehe! Now you are wondering why it wasn’t a 5…we that is because I am not a huge fan of Johnny on the Spots…but at least they had one for this mama who enjoys here morning coffee! It is at the west end of the park, past the water fountains and white bunnies. (I don’t have pictures of the white bunnies because I was dealing with a #2 diaper at that point 🙂


Make sure to check out before you head down for the day and you might be able to grab some food from your favorite food truck while you are there!

Oh and one last thing…don’t forget your change to feed the meters as it is all street parking!

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