Simpson Park

Located at 1234 Marshall Road, Saint Louis, MO 63088  Website


This park is located  in the flood plains off of Marshall Road.  Not only did the boys enjoy playing on the playground but they also enjoyed walking the trails and throwing rocks into the lake.

The playground is geared more towards the school age crowd with not much geared toward the toddler set.  Despite this, the boys enjoyed climbing and sliding!

We walked the Blur Heron Trail which does not loop back on itself, so we turned back about half way down the trail.


The pavilion at this park is a great setup for a birthday party or family reunion as it sits very close to the water. There is no electric in the pavilion but does have a BBQ grill.

The boat dock was a bit off kilter as it appears to have been impacted by the recent flooding, so it was a bit hard for the boys to get out on the dock. However, they did enjoy it once there.

Per the Park’s website, this park’s lake is infested with Asian Carp, so be cautious when getting out on the lake.

All in all, we enjoyed this park, though there is not much shade, so if we visit again, it would be when it is a little cooler.

We give this park a 3 graham cracker rating!

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