St. Louis Galleria Tot Lot

Located in the Food Court of the St. Louis Galleria at 1155 St Louis Galleria St, St. Louis, MO 63117  Galleria Website


In one corner of the food court area, on the lower level of the St. Louis Galleria Shopping Mall sits the Tot Lot. A soft play space for children. The theme is letters, numbers and colors with four climbing/crawling structures and educational activities/thinking questions on the wall.

We checked this area out on a hot summer day allowing the boys to burn some energy after a doctor’s visit.  It was not overly crowded while we were there, however, I could see this space filling up fast with little ones tripping over each other.

The boys enjoyed climbing on top of each of the climbers with the 3.5 year old taking daring leaps off of the top and the 22 month old was obsessed with the slide even though he continued to get stuck on the way down when he stuck his feet out.

There is a space in the back of the play area for parents to sit as well as a couple of benches in near the entrance/shoe rack area.  Next to the Tot Lot there is a large modern looking area with a big screen TV, which was showing a tennis match at the time we visited.

This was a great updated and clean-looking play area, however, this is our third soft play area in a mall and  have discovered that my boys quickly bore of them.  So it’s a good spot for us to stop for 5-10 minutes if we are already at the mall.

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