Preservation Park

Located at 12625 N. Outer 40, Town & Country, MO 63141   Park Website


Preservation Park, sitting next to CBC High School in West County, packs a lot into this 12 acre park including, two play structures, a large swing set, rentable pavilion, tennis courts and trail around the CBC Baseball fields and practice football field.

I loved that the park and volleyball court (aka Toddler sandbox) are shaded in the evenings by the large trees to the west. I suggest bringing sand toys for the “sandbox” and towels for the slides as we visited the park a day and a half after a rain and the slides still had big puddles at the bottoms.

Though this park sits next to Highway 40, it was surprisingly quiet.  Plus the location gave the boys the chance to watch the big trucks drive by while playing.

This hidden gem will definitely be going on one of our top 5 parks to visit again list! Preservation Park is a 5 graham cracker rated park in our books.

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