Creve Coeur Lake Park

Located at Sailboat Cove – 13725 Marine 63146 and Upper Park – 13236 Streetcar Drive 63043   Park Website

This park has four separate playground areas.  We have only visited one of the four. Driving past playground #1 (see photo below), I could see that this playground site consists only of a swing set with sling seat swings. Playground sites #2 & #3 are located on Sidecar Dr. and can be accessed from Dorsett Rd.

playground-CreveCoeur.jpgMap courtsey of Creve Couer Lake Park

imageMap courtsey of Google Maps

We visited playground site #4, the Greensfelder location.  When you turn right off of Dorsett Road onto Marine Ave., you will take your first left and follow the road up to the top of the hill. This area is heavily wooded with lots of mature trees making it a good spot when looking for a somewhat shady playground.

There are two playground structures at this site; a toddler playground and a school age playground.  Both of these are new structures and kept the boys’ interest for some time.

The swing set is closest to the school age playground and consists of 2 sling seat swings and two bucket seat swings.


Keep an eye out, you may even see a mama deer with her two babies! This was the highlight of the trip for the boys.

This location would also make a fantastic birthday party or reunion site as there are restrooms and an amazing pavilion with an amazing view and a fireplace built into the middle of the pavilion.  This might be the spot of our boys’ birthday parties this fall!

We are looking forward to checking out the other two playgrounds off of Streetcar Dr. We give this hidden playground a 4.5 graham cracker rating. So excited this blog has pushed us to check out this park’s playgrounds since they are hidden gems.

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