Vlasis Park

Located on Park Drive, Ballwin, MO 63021  Website


We have driven past that park for years, seeing Ballwin City Hall right off of Manchester Rd. and a park behind, but never realizing the huge playground located here!

This playground was amazing (though the poured rubber flooring has been worn in many spots aging the playground)! There are two separate play structures, one for toddlers and another for the 5-12 year old crowd.

My three-year old was able to play confidently on the older kids playground, though some of the chain link climbing items did make him a little nervous.  This would include the chain link bridge, a chain link spiders web, tire climber, etc.


This huge structure did keep the boys busy…and also me because the 22 month old wanted to climb on the chain link bridge and was constantly getting his legs stuck 😉

The huge enclosed castle with the two large slides was the source of much entertainment for my older son. The little one was too afraid to go down.

The smaller playground was great for the little ones, still tricky enough to challenge them (a small chain link bridge), but easy enough to play confidently.  There is a little clubhouse with a table and bench seat where the boys loved “eating dinner.”

There are two baby bucket swings located next to the toddler playground and six regular sling seat swings located across from the larger playground.  There are a couple large umbrellas for shade which had people congregating at on a warm morning.  However, there are no trees around for shade so the playground got pretty warm on this hot morning!


This playground area also have a concrete floored splash pad, however, it does not turn on until 12.

Exploring the other amenities to this park, we found two ponds, a waterfall, a gazebo on the pond, a bridge, baseball fields, tennis courts and two rentable pavilions.

All in all this was a great park! We give it a 4 out of 5 graham cracker rating as I would have liked for the splash pad to turn on sooner and the lack of shade makes this park a bit rough in the blazing St. Louis summer heat.

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