Purina Farms

Located at 200 Checkerboard Drive, Gray Summit, Missouri 63039 Website – Hours and Map


We enjoy visiting Purina Farms a few times a year to partake in the various festivals they host.  Our most recent visit was in conjunction with their Bluegrass and BBQ Festival.

When you first arrive, you can check in at the front desk at the Visitor Center…we always make reservations when we attend during the festivals so that we can ensure we get in first thing in the morning. (Out front of this building is also where you can catch the hay rides around the property)


Down the hall on the right, there is a concession stand that you can grab food and take it out to the picnic tables outside.



The indoor theater hosted a Cowboy show when we were there, however, the A/C was out and they did not host the show while we were there.

The Animal Barn is the place where we spend most of the time. Upstairs there are corn tables with construction play trucks, tunnel mazes, rope swings, and their special activity area.  This special area houses the ride on tractors during the summer and the Easter Village during the spring.

Downstairs in the Animal Barn, there are a bunch of real life farm animals, including horses, cows, chickens, pigs/piglets, bunnies, ducks, sheep and geese.  You can also watch a cow being milked at certain times throughout the day.  However, I will say the boys wanted to watch this, but they had a very long-winded discussion prior to the actual milking and the boys lost interest before it started.

The other area that we spend a lot of time is in the Pet Center building where the agility dogs are housed during the day and the huge cat apartment is located.

While you are there check out the Incredible Dog show outside the Pet Center. Seeing how excited these dogs get when performing makes me so happy!  And in the summer, they even do the frisbee jumps into the pool.

The Bluegrass festival also included a few games and side entertainment activities (such as pony rides).

It’s always a great time with the kiddos when we make our way out here!

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