Larson Park

Located at 520 W Kirkham Ave, Webster Groves, MO 63119 (But the best place to access the park is off of Denver Place, just West of Kirkham.  Otherwise it is a long walk across a field to get to the playground and pavilion)  Website


We stumbled onto this cute little after visiting two other parks that were packed with kids at summer camp and we are so glad to have found it.

This playground is great with two playground structures (toddler and school aged), much of it is shaded, a large number of swings (4 sling seat swings and 2 bucket swings), a pavilion as well as some picnic benches scattered around the play area, two ball fields and a tennis court. Oh and I almost forgot, a very clean bathroom, which I very much appreciated by the time we arrived here after visiting multiple parks that morning!

There were some areas in the poured rubber under the playground was torn up in place which made the playground look a bit older, however, the play equipment itself looked to be rather new.  Under the swings and climbing wall, the flooring was wood mulch.

Next to the pavilion there is also a fire pit with plenty of seating areas around it. I have not seen one this elaborate at a park we have visited before.


If you park in the parking lot directly off of Kirkham, you will be near the tennis courts, however, you will need to walk across a large field to access the play area. My 3.5 yr old was not happy about this because there was a bunch of clover (ie, lots of bees to dodge 🙂 )


We give this park a 4.5 graham cracker (the parking setup with this one is rather confusing) rating and will certainly be returning.

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