HealthWorks Kids’ Museum

Located at 1100 Macklind Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110  Facebook Page

They are open Tuesday – Saturday from 9:30a – 4:30p and Sunday from 12p – 4p

Admission is $7 per person. 1 and under is free.

IMG_0308 - Copy

Healthworks STL’s mission is to help kids have fun while learning about making great overall health choices.  Kids learn about everything from what you eat and drink, to how you maintain your oral hygiene and what you do to protect your skin on a daily basis.

When you first enter you will see an expansive open space with lots of room to move and explore, with the first thing catching your eye, the very large skeleton.

This skeleton has games and activities of all kinds to teach kids about the human body, from the brain, to the internal organs to digestion and muscles.

The boys, along with every other kid there, got a major kick out of learning about poop…especially since there is a certain spot in the floor that make a farting noise when you step on it.

Additionally, the slide that ran down the foot was a huge hit with the kids as well!

There are dress up areas, a virtual doctors office, dental office and pharmacy where kids can make-believe. This is where my 3.5 yr old’s imagination went wild! He loved giving his Daddy a check up with all of the tools available.

The Pharmacy area gives kids the opportunity to work on counting skills to fill a prescription.  There is also a computer that lets you test your knowledge of common household items (such as candy and dish washer packs) vs. actual drugs….even for my husband and I, some of them were hard to decipher which was candy vs. medicine.

Additionally, there is a Healthworks kitchen which can be used for demonstrations and educational events and a marketplace with pretend fruits and veggies, cash registers, shopping baskets, etc.  There is also a pretend garden where kids can “harvest” the food.

Adjacent to the marketplace is an area with picnic tables that have various computer activities and also a Face your Future interactive activity that shows what you will look like as you age if you don’t protect yourself with sunscreen…its actually quite scary!

Lastly, there are two theaters that show films throughout the day. We watched the film on digestion and taking care of your teeth.  It was pretty interesting and kept the boys attention for the full 8 minutes it ran.


Overall, the boys enjoyed the place, though I think they would get more out of it as they get older. My 1.5 year old wanted to bounce from activity to activity and we wound up leaving after about 45 minutes to head to the Science Center.

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