St. Louis City Museum

Located at 750 N 16th St, St. Louis, MO 63103  Website


A great spot to visit any day of the week; the City Museum offers fun for everyone! But make sure to bring your tennis shoes vs. flip-flops. So much easier to get around. 🙂

Outside is a labyrinth of rebar tunnels, slides, airplanes, castles and ferris wheels. This was the first year that Clayton was big enough and surefooted enough to climb through the outside maze. Be aware that some of the structures stretch pretty high into the air, so if you are not a heights person, this may not be the activity for you.

The passages are all large enough for a normal sized adult to fit through, so feel free to join your kiddos (or maybe just the adults on a date night) and explore the maze.

While Eric, Clayton and I played around in the maze, Owen was enthralled with the ball pit below. I liked that the ball pit was shallow enough for Owen to stand so that he didn’t feel uncomfortable playing in the balls. But bring your sanitizer as the balls look pretty grimy.

There are caves and passage ways (some treetop themed, others are hidden tunnels and crawl spaces in the ceilings) to explore on the first floor.  Keep your eyes out for the aquariums along the way. In the large cave system, there is a 5 story and a 10 story slide. I rode the 5 story slide and had fun, but be aware that it pushes you out to the side when you get started which might frighten a little one with the bump and when you come to the bottom, you have to crawl out to get back to the walkway. To ride the 10 story slide you must be 48″.

The second floor contains the vault room, the shoelace factory where you can make your own shoelaces and the World Aquarium, which is currently closed.

The third floor is home to the Skate Park, which is a collection of skateboard ramps, without the skateboards, in place having rope swings tied in front of the ramps. There are ramps you can run up and pull your self over like the Warped Wall from the TV show Ninja Warrior, except this wall is only 12 feet tall. There is also the Everyday Circus, a circus school with students from 6 to 80+.  The Everyday Circus performs daily at the museum and does private parties. It appeared that the first show didn’t run until 1 pm on Saturdays.

Just around the corner from the Circus, is Art City where guests can try their hand at a number of different art techniques, as well as Toddler Town; A section dedicated only to those 6 and under.

Beatnik Bob’s is directly across from the Circus, which features the “World’s Largest Underwear”, a collection of vintage video/pinball games, and a concessions stand.

Right outside Beatnik’s is a 1/8 scale model of an Alco Train that children who are 48 inches high and under can ride around the tracks.

Past Architectural Hall, the Museum’s largest rental space, is the Architectural Museum. Located here is the cross from the “Exorcist” and a collection of antique door knobs. Off Architectural Hall, the Museum has a Natural History Section. On display are a number of insects and taxidermy items.

Finally, on the 3rd Floor, the entrance to the three-story slide that leads back to the first floor.

The fourth floor doesn’t currently contain too much, however, there is a concession stand up there along with some fun chairs that you can get yourself spinning in quickly.  Also there is a very ornate stairway down to the third floor.


We did not purchase tickets for the roof top as it was about to rain and there were no refunds given if they shut it down for rain, so we left that for another trip.  However, I was able to find this description from Wikipedia.

“The roof has a small old-fashioned Ferris wheel. It also has a slide that goes under a small pond. The pond has stepping stones that go from one side to the other. The roof also has a school bus that had actually worked once, extending past the edge of the building. Visitors can walk in the school bus and open the door from the driver’s seat. Also found on the roof are a giant rope swing contained in a free-standing aluminum dome underneath the roof’s centerpiece; a giant metal praying mantis. It is possible to climb a series of enclosed metal ladders inside the dome to an exit at the top.”

We ate lunch at the restaurant on the Mezzanine level.  The food was actually pretty good, definitely more than I expected for such a place. The pizza, chicken quesadilla, BBQ sandwich and chicken parmesan sandwich were all big hits with our group.

We had visited the City Museum a year prior when our oldest was 2.5 and we didn’t find it nearly as fun as this time.  Definitely check this place out once your kiddos are old enough to climb with confidence.  There is so much to explore that you will be able to keep coming back and seeing something new each time you come.

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