Tilles Park

Located at 9551 Litzsinger Road, St. Louis, MO 63124   Website


I had heard a lot about this park and it was as good as they say! A huge playground set atop rubber flooring, a large splash pad fountain area, a swing set and an area of a xylophone.

This accessible playground area has three different playground structures, one with just a slide, a smaller toddler playground and a large school age playground.


The smaller playground area has a small slide and multiple activities built into the structures walls.



The larger two-story playground has lots to keep the kids engaged. There is a single merry-go-round, multiple slides, monkey bars, two see-saws and a “shake shake” bridge.


The kids really loved this playground area, however, I found it a bit tricky to keep track of both boys.  The accessible playground allows for even the little ones to get around quickly.

Up the stairs/ramp is the splash pad fountain area.  This large open concrete area has numerous fountains that are controlled by two motion sensored figures.  The splash pad operates from 10 am to 8 pm.



Across from the splash pad is the swing set. This swing set has two accessible swings, two sling seat swings and two bucket swings.

The stone building contains the restrooms and the xylophone area is through the arches.


We give this park a 4 graham cracker rating with all that it has to offer, however, I found this park tricky to keep track of multiple children since there are so many places to explore.  Worth a second visit but best when you have a second set of hands.

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