Kade’s Playground

Located in the Herculaneum City Park at 776 Joachim Ave, Herculaneum, MO   Website  Facebook Page

Wow! This place is awesome!!! What playground have you visited that includes a volcano that you and your kids can slide down, is fully accessible and has so much to offer the kids?!?!

Just a 30 minute drive from West County Mall, this park needs to go on your “Must See” list!

Entering the park you will be able to read more about Kade and why accessible parks are so important.  The attention to detail with the arches to enter the playground, was such a fun touch!

From climbing walls to roller slides, tic-tac-toe to two sound boards, monkey bars to climbing poles, this place really does have it all. Certainly the highlight is the volcano in the middle with a slide down the outer edge.

Overlooking the playground are the swings.  There are 4 traditional belt swings, 2 accessible swings and a large disc swing.

Behind the swings you will see a gravel area with large rocks. This will be the site of the splash pad once they raise the funds to install everything.

Next to the swings is the musical instruments area, which includes xylophones and drums.


With the playground being relatively new, there is not a lot of shade (they are hoping to put in more shade covers with incoming donations), so if you attend on a hot day, make sure to use lots of sunscreen, bring lots of water and ride the slides when you first arrive as they will heat up with the sun.

There are two shade canopies, one near the entrance to the playground and one by the smaller play area.

The city park also includes ball fields and a dog park area called All Bark Village.

We give this park a 4.5 graham cracker rating…I look forward to more shade and the splash pad!

We will definitely be back to this unique playground, as the boys loved it!

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