A.B. Green Athletic Complax & Park

Located at Dale Ave and Laclede Station Road, just down the road from the Brentwood Recreation Complex.


Don’t be intimidated by first appearances. This park includes two basketball courts, two tennis courts, playground, restrooms, pavilion, and a lighted multipurpose soccer / baseball / softball field.

When you arrive park on Laclede Station Road near the yellow gate.  Walk up past the tennis courts, restrooms and pavilion to access the playgrounds.  There you will see two playgrounds side by side. Though the playgrounds are relatively the same size, it appears that one is geared more towards the younger set since it has fewer openings, two smaller slides and only two places to climb up.  The younger playground also has a general store window for imaginative play.

The larger playground includes stairs, a climbing net, multiple climbing ladders, a bridge, a 360 twist slide and 2 chute slides.

The flooring on the playground is dark rubber mulch. This is good in concept but on a very warm day, it heats up significantly making extended play at this playground hard. Additionally, the only shade we found was under the larger playground.

Adjacent to the playground area, you will find the basketball courts and tennis courts.

The park does have restrooms and multiple picnic pavilions as well as two BBQ pits.

I would give this park a 3 out of 5 graham cracker rating. Certainly two fun playgrounds to explore, though the lack of shade and swings and temperature of the play area were a few of the cons.  Plus, for any of you long time St. Louis residents, I am bummed they took out the LARGE metal slide that ran down the side of the hill. I never got a chance to try it as a kid so was disappointed to see it had been removed.

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