Variety Wonderland Playground -Forest Park

Located in Forest Park between the History Museum and the Visitors Center.


We had heard great things about this playground so we had to come check it out for ourselves. As I was told, this accessible playground was impressive!

The long red awning not only leads the way to the playground, it also provides a great shady spot to sit.  The large tree in the middle of the playground also provides much needed shade to this playground as everything else was in the direct sun.

At the end of the walkway, you will find a stone map.  This map shows the layout of the play area in Brail. Truly accessible for all!


Just to your left when you arrive is a hidden feature, the fountains/splash play area. It was not working when we attended but photos from others show a few small fountains. My boys just enjoyed seeing what leaves and sticks fit into the grate in the ground. 🙂


There are two separate playground, one for the smaller kids and one for the older set.

Both are accessible by ramps and also climbing ladders.

The smaller playground has dual steering wheels, one metal slide and one green plastic chute slide (all the slides were warm when we visited since they face the morning sun) and a play space underneath featuring a door and window frame and a xylophone.

The larger play area can be accessed via the various climbers, the short set of steps halfway up the concrete wall or the ramp near the red roof walkway.

I enjoyed the school age playground more than normal with my 20 month old since there were fewer areas for him to walk off of the structure. Plus there were a few features through that kept him entertained including the xylophone.

Just a word of caution, the slides at both of the playgrounds face the east so they picked up a lot of morning sun and were pretty warm on the day we visited.

Also included at this playground is a see-saw, two accessible swings, a disc swing, a merry-go-round stick, a secret garden and a large spire with wind chimes.

Off in the distance behind the large concrete wall, I noticed another set of sling seat swings and bucket swings, three of each.


This was a great playground and we will certainly be back as it is an ideal place to get some wiggles out before heading to get some food in the Central West End, the Loop or the Hill.  We checked out Blueberry Hill and sat in the Dart Room…definitely kid-friendly for lunch!   We give the Variety Wonderland Playground a 5 graham cracker rating!

Note: Restrooms are located inside the visitor center building adjacent to the playground.


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