Circus Flora

The Big Top is located east of Grand – in the parking lot off Samuel Shepard Drive (adjacent from Powell Hall). Parking is accessed by Samuel Shepard Drive.

The 2016 season runs June 2nd until July 3rd.  Website


We attended a Wednesday morning Little Top performance which is an abbreviated version of the production. This 60 minute show was perfect for our two little guys, as they started getting a little restless about 45 minutes into the production

When you arrive you will enter the first tent which houses the concession stand and gift shop.

Proceed to your right and there are restrooms and a face painter.


To access the show tent walk straight through the first tent and you will see a magician, organ and a fun photo-op area.  Clayton (3.5) was enthralled by the magician, so this was a fun way to begin his first circus experience!

From there we walked into the show tent and were pleasantly surprised that it was air-conditioned!

Seating inside the tent includes box seating on the floor and baseball style seating lining the tent.  We weren’t sure what to expect, so we purchased the assigned box seats rather than the general admission tickets.

For the Little Top experience, we decided it was better to get the general admission tickets as the prices are significantly cheaper for a family and there were enough open seats to move about and get the boys the best view.

The band that plays throughout the show was adorable with their marching band hats and t-shirts made to look like full marching band uniforms.


The MC of the show is a woman clown with her face painted white and gray hair. She was a little creepy for my taste, but isn’t that what circus clowns are all about 🙂


The first act of the show features kids various ages performing acrobatics of all kinds.  I think this was a great way to get the kids into the show since they could relate to them.


This was followed by a slower comical act featuring one woman on the ropes/bar.  In my personal opinion, I thought this segment lasted a bit too long since most of what she was doing was repetitive.


From there, things really picked up when they brought out two horses and trick riders who was jumping on and off the horse and eventually jumped through a flaming hoop while standing on the horses back.  I think this was the boys’ favorite part of the show…the 18 month old for the horses and the 3.5 year old for the fire.

I was impressed with the next act because of the physical strength of the performers.  Two men were balancing/catching/throwing another man on a flexible balance beam type apparatus.

After this, they cut to an intermission of sorts with a kiss cam prop to draw the crowd’s attention away from the circus floor while they set up the trampoline for the high-flying stunts.

While I really enjoyed the high-flying action, it is a little slower as they had to time all of the stunts perfectly so the boys were not as into this as I thought they would be.

The closing act featured all of the cast members brought back out on stage and a large juggling show including the littlest of kids.


Everyone in the family agreed that this was a fun activity that will definitely be repeated next season!

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