Milennium Park

Located at 2 Barnes West Dr, Creve Coeur, MO 63141    Website

This is one of Creve Coeur’s largest parks at over 25 acres.  There are two different playground areas.  One near the baseball fields and the other near the parking lot. There is a fenced seasonal splash pad, a large pavilion area that seats 100, a BBQ grill, 0.6 mile paved walking trail, restrooms, soccer field and baseball field. Flooring at these playgrounds is poured rubber.

This playground has lots of opportunities for kids to climb, swing, slide and just play.  The two smaller structures closest to the parking lot are just right for the little ones. I really liked that there not many openings for my 18 month old to step off of the playground when he got to the top.  It was much easier to keep an eye on both boys.  I really got a kick out of the small sling seat swing attached to one of the playgrounds. It was the perfect height for them both to swing independently, however, my 3.5 year old did take a backwards tumble off of it while he was horsing around.

There are two structures located next to these and are focused solely on climbing, balance and coordination.

In this upper play area, many of the structures and flooring are showing their age which detracted from the aesthetics of the park.

The lower playground and swing set look to be newer and are in good condition.  The tunnels were unlike ones I have seen before with inclines/declines and footings located inside.  The footings inside made it easier for the little ones to traverse as climbing the orange slide is the only way to access the orange twisting chute slide and blue enclosed tunnel slide.

The swing seat included 4 sling belt swings, a bucket swing and an accessible swing.

Adjacent to the main playground area, you will find a fenced/gated splash pad.  I didn’t come prepared with swim trucks due to the morning weather, however, they still had a blast playing in their regular clothes. The water features included both large and small fountains with plenty of area for the kids to get totally drenched!

Located next to the main playground is the rentable pavilion that seats 100 and the Tappmeyer House which seats 50.



We did not make it to the playground located next to the ball fields, but from afar it looks similar to structure on the lower playground.

We give this park a 4.5 graham cracker rating.  We loved all of amenities, but were slightly disappointed in the appearance of the upper playground.  We will definitely be back!

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