Beirne Park

Located at 10630 Country View Drive, Ladue, MO 63141 Website


This little park is tucked into a quiet street across the road from Spoede Elementary School.

After winding through the subdivision, you will come to a large parking lot and playground areas.  There are two different playground areas that sit right next to the parking lot.

The playground on the right is a the older set but still has a lot of charm for the kids, especially the toddlers, including a dinosaur slide, metal climber, metal clubhouse with metal slide and a playground with tunnel.  The flooring at this playground is wood mulch.

The second playground to the left is the newer and larger playground.  This is where most of the kids gravitate! The flooring under this playground is poured rubber mulch.

*Be warned that the slides on this playground are pretty big, so may not be the best for the littlest ones.

This playground features three stories of fun including, four different slides, 2 climbing walls, two climbing nets, various activities located throughout the playground including multiple musical activities.

Next to these play structures there are two “merry-go-round” sticks and a swing set with four sling swings, a bucket swing and an accessible swing.


Beirne Park also includes restrooms, a rentable pavilion, tennis courts, soccer field and a walking path.

We give this park a 5 graham cracker rating! Such a fun quiet park with lots of opportunities for play!

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