Kirkwood Public Library

Located at 140 E. Jefferson, Kirkwood, MO 63122   Website


We visit the Kirkwood Public Library about once a week and love it! The kids area is absolutely amazing!

Located in the basement, the kids are cordoned off from the rest of the library, accommodating little voices that can’t always be “library quiet.” The space is aesthetically pleasing with colorful spaces and chalkboard walls all of which add to the space’s creativity!

There are loads of books (picture books, board books, chapter books, reference books,etc) for the kids to read and check out and a large supply of DVDs, audiobooks, PlayAway machines and video games.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, talk to the librarian about having it brought to the location as they are connected with multiple other libraries in the area.

The boys also enjoy the extras that are located throughout the space. iPads, Computers, a Doll House, Puppet Show stage, toys and other activities always grab their attention.  Plus there are prepackaged bags that you can check out that contain books, an educational toy, a music CD and sometimes a video.

So if you are looking for something to do with the family on a hot or rainy day, this may be just the place for you!


Looking for a list of their upcoming events: Calendar

They always have a great line up of events during the summer months…definitely worth checking out!

I have not yet checked out the rest of the library but one day will…


Oh and one more thing about this library, the red monster book return slot in the front entry way is for books that you and your kids think are amazing! (Just thought I would pass along the info since I was the one putting all of our books in it 🙂


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