Thies Farm – Strawberry Picking

Thies Farm has three locations.  We visited the location at 3120 Creve Coeur Mill Road, St. Louis, MO 63146    Website


Food picked fresh from the farm is always the best so we just HAD to get our strawberry fix this spring.  Our choice for strawberry picking in mid-May is Thies Farm.  The boys enjoy it and it is fairly close to our house.

The fields are open most days from 9am – 6pm, weather permitting.  Check their website before visiting to make sure the fields are open.

When you arrive, park in the gravel parking lot and head across the street to the fields.  If you are planning to get a bunch of berries or just have a kiddo(s) that wants some extra fun, you can grab a complimentary metal wagon to take with you.

You will find a truck full of cardboard boxes and metal holders at the edge of the field. Grab what you need and let the Thies Farm employee show you the best place to go picking!

Pick as many as you wish…no limit!  And feel free to try them straight out of the fields as you pick them.

Once you are finished picking berries, head back over to the greenhouses to pay for your finds!

On your way to the checkout, you will pass their flower market and the farm market.  We enjoy taking the boys through the greenhouses and looking at beautiful flowers, find yummy smelling herbs and check out the various vegetable plants (always fun to show the kids how the food we eat actually grows!).

Be on the lookout, you may even see a frog or two hopping around!

After paying, we like to explore the large play area next to the parking lot, complete with belt swings, tire swings (vertical and horizontal set ups), a large slide with a climbing wall, a covered picnic area and two zip lines.


We usually head home all tuckered out and ready for naps! (Fingers crossed)

Check back here in the fall for a review of Pumpkin Land…we will definitely be there!

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