Kirkwood Early Childhood Center Discovery Room

Location: 100 N. Sappington Rd, Kirkwood MO 63122  Website

Just like Ladue Early Childhood Center, Kirkwood Early Childhood Center (KECC) hosts an open play time for babies and toddlers in their Discovery Room.  This colorful room, is full of spaces and toys to help release children’s imaginations!

Children (both Kirkwood residents and non-residents) from birth to 5 years of age are welcome.  The room is open 9:30 am-11:30 am Tuesdays, Thursday & Friday during the school year and Tuesday and Thursday mornings in June and July. The days the room is open change semester to semester so make sure to check the times prior to visiting.

The cost is $5 per child & $8 for 2 plus children – checks only please.  The Discovery room has a maximum capacity of 15 families, so I suggest arriving on time. We have arrived 20-30 mins after the session started and were unable to get in because it was too full!

When you arrive outside KECC, you will need to get buzzed in to the school.  Proceed to the room directly in front of you and check in at the office. They will let you know where the room is located.

The room is run by the KECC Parents as Teachers (PAT) and there is always one PAT educator in the room supervising play and are a great resource if you have any questions.

We started taking the boys here when Owen was just six months old as one side of the room is specifically for children under 3.  This gated area is full of baby and toddler toys, sensory tubes full of all sorts of items (balls, bells, ribbons, etc), ball pit, light switches with working lights, reading nook and a climber with tunnel and slide.

With a room small enough to see your kids wherever they go, I was able to allow Clayton is explore on his own in both sides of the room.  Such a great feeling to relax when you are dealing with a small baby and an adventurous toddler.

The other side of the room has puzzles, a train table, lots of cars and trucks, dolls, doll stroller, a kitchen, a shopping cart, a loft with puppets and a work bench with tools, a felt board with velcro shapes, and two different sensory tables (one with beans and one with rubber mulch).  The list goes on and on!

We love that the open play is two full hours (allowing you to come and go to fit your schedule).  This is the longest open play option I have found in St. Louis!

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