Hunter Park

Located at 2301 Putter Lane, St. Louis, MO 63131 (Be warned that google maps will try to take you through a gated community, so it is best accessed via Bopp Rd. to Country Club Drive and left on Putter Lane)


This neighborhood park located in Crystal Lake, MO (nestled between Town & Country, Des Peres and Frontenac) was recently renovated and open again in December 2015.

The unique playground was a blast to explore with a toddler (2-5 year old) playground and a school age (5-12 years old) playground.  As always, I love the poured rubber flooring!

There are hidden items to find such as a small picnic table underneath the toddler playground, a slide on the school age playground only accessible via the spider net climber and the creatures hiding on the stone wall.

The toddler playground has a roller slide and double chute slide along with a play window, picnic table and gears activity board.  There is also a sun shade over this structure.

The school age playground features a triple chute slide, multiple unique climbers including the spider web climber to access the larger curved chute slide.

Under the school age playground is a faux rock wall (of the “Cave” as my boys called it) that has various insects and creatures molded and painted onto the wall, including a lizard, bat, spider, etc.  This is where the boys imagination was able to go wild. (The bonus was a neighbor across the street from the playground has a black bear adorning their porch, so this helped to create the bear cave idea!

There is also a swing set with two belt swings, an accessible swing and one bucket swing.


There are two park benches around the playground along with two picnic tables. However, there are no restrooms at this park.

Also, be careful parking on the street as one of the neighbors seemed very concerned as to whether we parked on her grass. Parking is only available on the right side of the street.

All in all, we thought this was a great quiet playground that we had all to ourselves and will certainly be returning! This park gets a 4 graham cracker rating…I would have appreciated restrooms 🙂

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