Drace Park

Located at 2310 Cedar Valley Road Town & Country, MO 63131 Website


I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged about this one yet! This was my original hidden gem! And our visit today did not disappoint.

We love this park for its relatively crowd free playground, HUGE pavilion, open areas, historical homes and walking trail.

I LOVE the pavilion! It will definitely be the site of one of my kids birthday parties!


Located right next to the pavilion, are the two playgrounds and swing set. There is a larger playground suitable for older toddlers and school age kids and a smaller playground geared towards toddlers.  However, both of my boys enjoy running back and forth between the two.

Poured rubber can be found beneath both playgrounds and swing set.

The larger playground features a 360 degree spiral slide and a tunnel slide, along with a “shake shake” bridge, monkey bars, a fireman’s pole, an arched climber and a smaller wave slide.  Below is a play window and a tic tac toe game board.

The smaller playground features two steering wheels, a double chute slide, twp climbers, a tic tac toe game board and an alphabet board.

The swing set sits next to the Toddler playground and features 2 belt swings, 2 Duraglide seat swings and two bucket swings.


The boys love that they can play unencumbered at all of the play equipment and I enjoy the beauty of the surroundings!

Here is the trail map: Walking Trail Map

We give this park a 4.5 graham cracker rating! One of our go-to parks!

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