The Billy Goat Chip Company Factory Tour

Located at 3136 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63139  Website


I have always enjoyed factory tours to see how things are made, so I was excited when I saw an ad for factory tours at The Billy Goat Chip Company.

While the whole facility was relatively small and the tour was relatively short, the boys and I still had a great time!

The tour started with a basket of chips to enjoy as we waited for the rest of our MOMS Club group to arrive.


While we were waiting, we also saw their delivery schedule in and around St. Louis which I found fascinating based on their requirement to deliver chips within 48 hours of production.


The first stop on the tour is the inventory holding area, which ironically is also in the same area as the lobby, as they don’t hold inventory longer than 48 hours.

Next,  you are taken into the production area and see where the potatoes are cut, fried and seasoned.


Finally, you are taken to the packaging area where all products are hand packed.

Obviously the pictures don’t do the process justice since they keep you behind the curtains, however, a video posted on their website gives a better glimpse into the production process.


As I mentioned, this is a relatively quick tour, however, it was a great chance to let the boys see how things are made in person!


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