Located at 283 Lamp and Lantern Village, Town and Country, MO 63017


Looking for something a little different to do with your kids? Don’t want to fight the crowds at Magic House? Then this is the place for you!

This place has so much to do and is suitable for most kids.  Bonus – Kids 1 and under are free!

For the littlest ones, there is a toddler area which offers many of the exhibits found throughout Myseum on a scaled down version.  This includes a bounce house, a climbable goat and carriage, gear table, cars, Little People toys, Rody ride on toys, tunnels, etc.


The rest of the facility is suitable for the bigger kids, though my 18 month old does enjoy some of the activities.

There is a large climber and slide when you first walk in. This activity is typically very crowded so if you get there early, you may want to stop here first.

Behind the climber there is an air blown space craft and a large bounce house with a volleyball net.  They are sticklers on the height requirement (must be 36″ tall) so many of the younger kids can only jump on the toddler bounce house.


Surrounding these larger items in the middle of the room, there are various science activities.  These include a buildable arch and stackable canisters that can be knocked down with two large objects that blow targeted air.

There is also a magnetic wall with PVC pipes that allow you to create a maze for balls to travel.

There is another magnetic area with screws and bolts that you can use to stack and build.


There is a glow in the dark Glo-Shapes area with letters, numbers and shapes that let kids create what they want.


On the other side of the room there is a construction area, a wall that shows the heat in your handprints, an interactive wall and two air tubes where kids can experiment with various fabrics and objects.

Additionally near the front of the Myseum, is an open space with extra-large Legos.


At the back of the room is the Seaweed Swamp.  Many of the older kids enjoy this area, however, being slightly claustrophobic, I dislike this activity and the kids are a bit too young to enjoy it either.  There is no opening in the pool noodles so you are just pushing your way through with no visibility the enter way through.


To the left of the swamp, there is a walk way that takes you back to a Dinosaur Dig area and a Zoo Veterinary Clinic.

Around the corner from the Vet Clinic, there is a musical instruments room.

Next to the music room, there is a room full of mirrors, various science experiments including my favorite one (see the bottom picture below  – It’s harder than you think to say what color the words are without saying the actual word) and magnetic sand!

Finally, the last hallway that heads up to the front and the toddler area, there are two lightning tubes, a musical motion sensor computer and the party rooms.

The boys really enjoy Myseum so we enjoy going there every so often, especially since it is typically less crowded than the Magic House. However, I find it to be tricky to have two small mobile children here because they always want to be running off in different directions to experiment with various activities.  It is definitely a workout for me!

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