Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant


Three locations in the Kansas City, MO/Kansas City, KS area.  We visited the Crown Center location. Despite my oldest being in a funk the day of our visit, we had a bunch of fun!

Outside of the Crown Center Restaurant, there is a train that the kids can climb on to get in the spirit! 🙂


Upon being seated, all kids receive a train conductors hat! Clayton refused to wear his, so Dad got in on the action!


The hostess provides you with the menu and directs you to call (using the telephone at your table) when you are ready to order.


The server will then bring your drinks to the table and your food will arrive via a train.


Here’s a great video from YouTube that shows the ride the train takes around the restaurant!

When the train brings your order, an arm on the food catcher will drop and the basket of food will drop off on to the tray that will lower to your table.  I didn’t get good videos from our experience due to a toddler who was having a meltdown 🙂

Food here is mostly hamburgers, fries, onion rings, chicken strips, etc. However, if you order a salad or ice cream, these items come out by server vs. the train.

Whether you are in the mood for a full meal or just a dessert and are in the Kansas City area, this is a great stop for your train lover!  My 18 month old got so excited every time the horn blew letting customers know another train was coming!

Fritz’s Website

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