Wild Bird Sanctuary

Located at 125 Bald Eagle Ridge Road, Valley Park, MO 63088 (Open Daily 8a-5p) Website


Though I have lived in St. Louis for most of my life, I have never been to the Wild Bird Sanctuary.  We visited just a few weeks ago and I was impressed!

Upon arrival it didn’t look like much with a small pond with fish, restrooms, a few bird feeders and a small cabin that contained a couple small owls and various animal pelts, teeth, skin, etc.


However, behind the small cabin is an open area where a handful of birds were on display.


The owl was my ABSOLUTE favorite! The picture does not do it justice as he was huge!

Off to the far right, past the Wild Bird Sanctuary train, is a path that takes you to the “main show” of the facility. The Bird Hospital is located here along with a long walking trail of many bird enclosures all built by Eagle Scouts.

You will find every thing from your Pigeons,  Parrots and Crows to Bald Eagles, Vultures and a wide array of Owls.

Oh and my 3.5 yr old wouldn’t let me miss the various picture opportunities like the below. 🙂


If you are looking to do something different, then the Wild Bird Sanctuary might be just the place for you! The boys were intrigued by the various birds and enjoyed the visit!

I was going to couple this review with one of Lone Elk park but the day we visited we didn’t see any animals. Stay tuned for a review of Lone Elk park!

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