Sky Zone – Fenton

Located at 631 Gravois Road, Fenton, MO 63026 (636.364.4444)  Website


Looking for a way to wear out your energetic toddler? Looking to develop a healthy lifestyle for your kids? THIS is the place!

We love attending the Friday toddler session at the Sky Zone in Fenton. Originally, they held one toddler session from 9 am – 10 am, but due to its popularity they expanded into three sessions (9a-10a, 9:30a-10:30a, 10a-11a).  We really like the 10a – 11a session as it seems to be the least crowded.

Prior to jumping all attendees have to fill out a participation waiver.  I suggest logging on to their website before arriving and completing the form online.  This will save you the time and hassle once you arrive.  If you wait to do it upon arrival, stop by the computers at the front to complete the form before waiting in line to pay.


The website says that kids have to be walking to participate, however, I took my littlest one prior to him walking and he was just fine.  He enjoyed crawling around all of the trampolines and bouncing when he older brother would run by.  All those who go out onto the mats need to purchase Sky Socks ($2 a piece, and they are yours to keep and reuse).  The kids are $6 a piece during toddler time and they did not charge me to go out on the mats with the boys.

On our most recent visit the toddlers were confined to one of the smaller trampoline courts as there was a large high school group that reserved the largest court.  However, that did not stop the kids from having fun!  Or in my boys’ case, wrestling each other on the mats!

We prefer the Fenton location over the Chesterfield location, as the toddlers have access to the foam pit as well! We wear a path back and forth between these two areas on all of our visits.


A little unknown fact…parents can get in with the little ones if they need it, you just have to remain on the outer edges of the foam pit.

There were arcade games recently added in the front lobby.


Also, there is a Glow Zone Party room for your private party needs! Looks like a fun place to have a birthday party!


Finally, many people have asked why the sessions are only an hour in length…trust me, it is plenty of time to wear them out. This is what my boys always look like by the end of the session!!!


This is one of my go-to activities for wearing out my 3.5 yr old who is very close to dropping his afternoon nap!

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