Willmore Park

Located in St. Louis City near the intersection of Hampton Ave. and Jamieson Ave., St. Louis, MO 63109


We visited this 105 acre park on a Sunday morning after reading an article about fenced in playgrounds in St. Louis. This one did not disappoint! (Especially when you stop at Donut Drive-In beforehand!!!)

The playground area is huge and everything is contained within the fence!  This is an Unlimited Play area so everything is accessible which is a great feature.


There are two belt swings, two bucket swings, an accessible swing and two saucer swings.

The playground structure has a space theme with a metal slide, a roller slide and two chute slides.  There is a rainbow climber and a solar system climber.  There are also two sound boards (animal sounds and nature sounds), however, only the nature sound board worked. All flooring is poured rubber.


There is also an accessible merry-go-round with seats and seatbelts.  Clayton was obsessed with this one!!!


The boys also loved with the helicopter play structure (see the background of the picture above). There is a steering wheel, a metal slide and control panel.  It was also a shady spot on a bright sunny morning, so many kids were hanging out there!

Additionally, there are musical instruments next to the playground including three xylophones and a set of five drums.

While we didn’t walk the entire park, other amenities include, a fishing pond, five rentable pavilions, a small roller hockey rink (we saw kids playing soccer while we were there), tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields and the Southwest City dog park.

We give this park a 4 graham cracker rating for the large playground and additional amenities. Don’t let the lack of maintenance to the grounds, including unmowed grass and downed tree limbs, deter you.  This was a great park!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mandi Comer Sabie says:

    Morning! 1) that park looks awesome 2) you are up way early if you are posting this before 7am!



    1. Lol! Thank the boys for their 5:15 wakings!


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