Sylvan Spring Park

Located at 300 Halsey St., St. Louis, MO 63125


Sylvan Springs Park is located next to the Jefferson Barracks Cemetery.  This park is extremely large with four rentable pavilions, a Skate Park (for all users, BMX, Scooters, Rollerbladers and Skateboards) and a playground. Plus year round bathrooms near the playground.

On our visit we drove through the park while trying to find the playground but did not explore anything outside of the playground.

To access the playground continue on Halsey past the first two entrances.  The playground area is relatively small but did keep the boys interested for an hour and a half.  The flooring is all poured rubber.

Sylvan Springs Upper 3

This park had a unique sailboat feature that my son loved. It has a movable propellor and also spins in circles.img_8411

The boys loved running around the spray fountain area even though they are not turned on.  In the summer, there are multiple fountain jets and an arch with spray jets which are operated by push button on the pole near the electrical box.


Here’s what it looks like in the summer:

We enjoyed the park and give it a 3 graham cracker rating out of 5.  We would certainly have enjoyed it more with working water features.

**Bonus: This park is close to Jefferson Barracks Park which has a trailhead to walk down to the Mississippi River along the Mississippi Greenway trail.  Here you can see tug boats, tow boats and barges.  Plus walk over the top of working railroad tracks. All things toddlers LOVE!

Main trailhead at Gark and Bagby roads in Jefferson Barracks Park northeast to the Mississippi River, then along the river to River Des Peres.


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