Tower Grove Park

Located at Center Cross Dr., St. Louis, MO 63118


This past Saturday we visited this park quite by accident due to the Missouri Botanical Gardens being completely packed. We were surprised at how much we enjoyed it!

On Saturday mornings, the Farmer’s Market is running, which provided us with great people watching and booths to explore.  **The aisles between the tents are pretty small though, so I would suggest carrying or wearing your little one. With our double stroller, I felt like we were a bull in a China shop.


Right next to the Farmer’s Market, there are two playgrounds and a wading pool/fountain.


During the summer season, the fountain and jets are on every day.

2016 Muckerman Fountain and Pop Jets hours:

May 1-October 31 (Sunday – Friday 10a – 7p & Saturday 8a – 7p)

The Tower Grove Park Wading Pool is free to the public.

2016 Wading Pool Hours:

June 11 – August 8  (Thursday – Sunday: 11am-4pm)

August 9 – September 4 (Saturday – Sunday: 11am-4pm)

central-playground-4-3-123     central-playground-4-3-125

One of the two playgrounds is geared more toward toddlers while the other is more school age.  All playground flooring is wood mulch.

The toddler park features a climbing dinosaur, two climbing turtles, baby bucket swings, a small see-saw, a small balance beam, and a playground structure with two slides, a tunnel, balance beam and a climbing ladders.

The school age playground has a stand alone climber, a metal dome climber, a small merry-go-round, two large see-saws, four belt swings and a playground structure with two slides, a tunnel and three climbing ladders/stairs.

While this park has a lot going for it, I give this park a 3 graham cracker rating out of 5 as the playgrounds did not keep the boys engaged (may have been due to the number of kids playing there on the weekend). It was a unique activity for a weekend outing but I’m not likely to go back soon.

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