Conway Park

Located at 12301 Conway Road, immediately west of I-270.

THIS is the park I have been waiting to visit!! I have seen it for years off the side of I-270, but finally figured out the name of the park last week.

This 29-acre park features a one mile paved path with fitness stations, two tennis courts, a playground and restrooms. This park also features a wildflower garden, a dog park and the historic Clester and Hackmann log cabins.


Parking is immediately when you turn into the park.  The restrooms are adjacent to the parking lot.  On the way to the park’s amenities, you pass two tennis courts, a gazebo and lots picnic tables.

The large accessible playground has activities for kids of all ages, including 4 slides, a spider web climber, two puppet show windows, a grocery store window, a xylophone, three spinning cylinders with various liquids that move and morph and a multiple steering wheels (two of which are meant to replicate being on a plane).  All flooring is poured rubber.



I loved the wide array of climbers, including a log ladder, a rock climber, stairs, two rock walls, a regular ladder, a stepping stone path and two cylindrical climbers.  The clubhouse roofs provided ample shade, though it would be nice to have a shade over to two park benches next to the playground.

There are no swings at this park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The park also contains a one mile trail, a dog park (membership required) and lots of open space to enjoy a picnic around the pond with water fountain.

We give this park an enthusiastic 5 graham cracker rating!!!  We will certainly be back to play with the kids! (In fact, we are headed back tonight for a picnic dinner…and if Flapjack is good, maybe he will get to go too and make some new doggie friends!)

Here is a shot of our view from our picnic dinner!

You’ve got to get out here and check this place out even if you don’t have kids or a dog.

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