Twin Oaks Park

Located at the end of Twin Oaks Ct, Twin Oaks, MO 63088


This hidden gem is a great park with  playground, volleyball court (aka sandbox for the littles), basketball hoop, a large pond (including very hungry fish and turtles), a bridge and a waterfall.  Very picturesque as you will likely see a family photo session in progress while there.

Upon arrival, you will notice that you have to park outside the park grounds on Twin Oaks Ct. Only handicapped parking is allowed inside the park.  The park is accessible by a paved, fairly level walkway to the playground and pond.

*I suggest using a stroller if you have young ones as it is a little hike from the parking to the park itself and a steady hill on the way back up to the car. Doesn’t typically spell good things for us when the kids legs are tired and they want to be carried all the way back to the car.

There are two separate playgrounds, one for toddlers and one for the school-aged kids. The school-aged playground includes slides, rope climbers, a zip line, roller slide, motorcycle spring riders, climbing rocks and xylophones.



The toddler playground features a tunnel and two slides.

There are 2 belt swings, an adaptive swing and a baby swing.

Shade structures provide some coverage on both playgrounds.  The flooring is poured rubber.

Additionally, there is a volleyball court that the kids have turned into a giant sandbox, complete with sand toys that appear to have been left by park guests.


The park also has a large pond with a path around it, bridges, water falls, and bright orange koi fish who are very hungry and will wait at the gazebo for handouts. (Hint…bring some stale bread)


We give this park a 5 Graham Cracker rating! Such a great park with lots of amenities!

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