Deer Creek Park

Located at 32oo Laclede Station Rd., Maplewood, MO 63143


Amenities: Three pavilions, lighted soccer field and baseball field, unlit softball field, playground, picnic tables, barbecue grills, and restrooms.

Deer Creek Park (also known as Rocket Park to many St. Louisians) is a great place for kids of all ages. The playground is accessible via the long white ramp to the upper level or the concrete ramp just to its left.  There is poured rubber under the playground structure and pea gravel under the remainder of the playground area.

The playground structure is best suited to ages 5+, but my three-year old was able to enjoy it, especially the control panel and lookouts on the third level.

(A word of caution…the tunnel twist slide is fast! I went down wearing shoes that I don’t need socks…big mistake!!! I wound up with a big burn on the side of my foot. I would suggest socks and shoes at this park.)

Also adding to the space theme of the park are the two spring riders.

There are two swings next to the rocket playground; one older bucket swing and then a chair swing.  Be warned, the chair swing isn’t the safest swing. I saw at least two kids come close to flipping out even though the chain was latched.


In the pea gravel portion of the park, there are two swing sets, a four person see saw and two sit on diggers.

The park’s large pavillon is located near the playground, making this a good spot for a picnic lunch.

I have read that there is an additional smaller playground on the other side of the park, but we didn’t venture over there. The play structure is that of a typical park.

We give this park a 4 Graham Cracker rating! We love the unique space theme of the park, but wish the pea gravel was sand or poured rubber. Also, I would love for the baby swings to be updated with safer ones.

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