Malcolm Terrace Park

Malcolm Terrace Park is located in Creve Coeur at 11370 St. Paul Street.


This little neighborhood park has a lot to offer! Nestled in a subdivision off of Mosley Road, this park features a large playground, a volleyball court (aka the sandbox to my boys), a pavilion and 1.5 miles of trails.

The playground is designed for children 5-12 years of age.   However, my little guys were able to enjoy the playground.  However, my 18 month old ended up having more fun playing in the wood mulch beneath the playground. The playground features lots of monkey bars, a wobbly bridge, a winding tunnel, a 360 degree open twist slide, an enclosed tunnel twist slide and a wave slide.  There is also a fireman’s pole and multiple climbing ladders.  Additionally, there are belt swings and bucket swings.


The volleyball court was probably my boys favorite feature of the park. Make sure to bring some sand toys with you and they should stay occupied for a while!

The 1.5 mile trail was very picturesque and serene!  Lots of foliage, wildflowers and a section where the water flowed over the road were the highlights for the boys.  This trail is not fully paved so if you bring a stroller, make sure to bring an all terrain one.

We give this park a 4 rating…lots to offer, with the playground, sand court and trails. However, I would love for there to be a smaller playground geared towards the littles.

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