Des Peres McDonald’s

The boys and I are currently on a kick to find playgrounds and burn off their boy energy, but when the weather doesn’t cooperate we turn to the Des Peres McDonald’s.

I love this playplace because both my 17 month old and 3.5 yr old can play and explore independently.

The lower tunnels are allow my youngest the crawl, explore, play peek-a-boo and get a peek outside, all of which he loves. Though he has developed this new fear of tunnels since my older one likes to chase him around the tunnels, so hopefully we will outgrow the phase soon!

The upper set of tunnels is accessed by an enclosed ladder and features two net bridges, a window into the playplace as well as on out to the street and a tube slide.

Additionally, there is a third tunnel segment that is accessed via two stairs and has a plexiglass vehicle (a “space ship” or a “bus” as my boys call it depending on their mood) that the kids are able to climb in and drive.


My boys really enjoy this play area and ask to go 2-3 times a month. I like it because they are able to play independently in an enclosed space and it is typically pretty clean.

My only gripe is that some parents/grandparents allow their kids to play by themselves while they watch TV in the restaurant area.  This is normally ok, but we have encountered a couple kids who played fairly rough with the younger ones.

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