Harwood Park


This little hidden gem is tucked in behind shops on Manchester Road and next to houses on Harwood Road in Des Peres, MO.  Street Parking is available across the road from the park as there is no dedicated parking lot.

The park does not have rest room facilities, however, one mom told me she always takes here kids up to the local Ace Hardware store if needed. *Tip from a Potty Training Mama! Thank you!

Renovated in 2015, this park has play equipment I have never seen before.  There are two playgrounds, one for kids 2-5 years old and another for 5-12 year olds.

The 2-5 yr old playground packs a lot of features in its relatively small footprint, including a 360 degree twist slide, an incline tunnel (this was tricky for kids 2 and under to climb),  two small chute slides, two clubhouses, two rock climbers,  a set of rings, a bridge, two ladders and stairs. Additionally, there is a turtle to climb on and a tic tac toe type game under one of the clubhouses.  The ground is covered with soft AstroTurf.


Next to this playground sits the swing set. There are two belt swings and two bucket swings.

The 5-12 year old playground is a tree house structure that is targeted to the older kids with more challenging features/climbers and taller structures with multiple openings.  *My 17 month old liked climbing the steps and going down a large wave fan slide…I did go down slide with him since it was FAST!  The playground also features an impressive tree house, a 360 degree twist slide, a sectional chute slide, a wave fan slide, multiple rock climbing walls, monkey bars, a cargo net/spider web climber. Soft AstroTurf also covers the flooring beneath this playground.


Clayton enjoyed climbing the tree trunk ladder (see him at the top in the below left picture), but did need me to spot him due to its pitch.  He also liked the ascending rung steps (see the below right picture) leading to the sectional chute slide.

This park is just around the corner from The Daily Bread and Chik-fil-A, so that makes this park a great before or after lunch place to play!

We give this park 3.5 stars as it has unique play equipment and play space for all ages, however, the lack of bathrooms and parking lot did detract from our rating.

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